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Warren Chapel Church of the Nazarene was organized in 1948 by Rev. A.A. Forsythe and Rev. Digby.The present church property was donated by Mr. and Mrs. John Warren and Iris. The present church building was erected in 1948, where it still stands today.All of its Charter Members are deceased except Buddy Lee Hill,age 85 years young, who is still very actively involved and a vital part of our congregation.

    Warren chapel Church of the Nazarene has made many pastoral changes since its beginnings, to our present Pastor Mike Tyree.Warren Chapel Church of the Nazarene is ever continuing to evolve and grow with the times, not only are we making several upgrades to the building and property, we have a vision to start several outreach programs for drug and alcohol abuse,divorce care,finance and several group ministries programs among others.

     Growing a church takes blood, sweat, and tears, our vision CAN happen, our rich history and humble beginnings prove this to be true. God said "Without Vision my people will Perish!"